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Tamara Private Hospital Launches Half Day Rehabilitation Program

Tamara Private Hospital Launches Half Day Rehabilitation Program

Tamara Private Hospital will launch its Half Day Rehabilitation Program on 1st August 2015 in response to a growing demand for locally based rehabilitation services. The Half Day Rehabilitation Program will complement the hospital’s existing inpatient rehabilitation services. The Half Day program will provide an intensive rehabilitation for those who have been referred by their doctor or their specialist.


Pipers Café

Pipers Café is located at the Piper Street Entrance of Tamara Private Hospital.


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Tamara voted in top 10 private hospitals
Tamara Private Hospital has been voted as one of the top 10 in the state by HCF health fund users.

In a survey of 11,000 HCF patients, Tamara scored 9.2 out of 10 for how likely patients would be to recommend the hospital to a friend or colleague.

Tamara chief Darren Ninness said it was "without a doubt" the group effort that earned Tamara the high ranking, and he acknowledged the often hidden but necessary jobs in a hospital: not just nursing but also maintenance, catering and cleaning. Read more >>

Medical Services
Medical Services are offered under the care of your Physician or General Practitioner. Nursing services include a qualified diabetes nurse, infection control coordinator, discharge planner and pre-admissions nurse.

Palliative Care Services
Privacy and peaceful settings compliment the excellent nursing services offered to our palliative care patients and their family members. We have a ‘quiet room’ where family members can rest during their long hospital visits often associated with the palliative care of loved ones.